Not all Ladies want romantic men after all

proposal gone wrong

Romantic men, beware! You have probably come across the video going viral, which is about a young man proposing to his girlfriend. Most of the ladies who are now married to Kikuyu men will tell you that those are things they only see in movies. Far from that, we have this video of a man who was clearly ready to take his relationship to the next level.

The venue was striking itself. After all, just as expected from romantic men, the man decided to do it right in the middle of the road. In addition to that, the man was on his knees. In front of him was the lady with who he was quite sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life. By passers could clearly see the joy in the eyes of this unidentified young man. From their side, this was one of those proposals that many people look forward to. The single ladies amidst them might have been wishing for such a proposal.

proposal gone wrong
proposal gone wrong

The Reality faced by one of the most romantic men                                          

Unfortunately, everything else was perfect except the lover being proposed to. Despite all the nice gestures, the lady felt the need to say no. What is still unclear is whether it was too overwhelming to her or the two were not reading from the same script.

So, just when you think that life is ironic, consider the experience of this man. He must have pictured this to be a day to always remember. Least known to him, it ended up full of pain. First of all, there is an embarrassment because they definitely had an audience. There is also the realization that his partner was not as serious as he thought. It was so heartbreaking to the extent that he cried.

His pleas for her to reconsider fell on deaf eyes. The lady was so decided that she chose to walk away. Even the onlookers felt the need to intervene since romantic men are hard to come across. They started begging her to give his boyfriend a better answer, yes, of course, but even that wasn’t convincing enough for her.

As the lady walked away, realizing must have hit his lover and really hard. That’s probably why he broke down. All he could afford was to cry. Was he crying over spilled milk, or will the lady come around? Will the relationship continue despite the no? Only time will tell. Regardless of what happens, the guy must move away. He may never ever consider doing that again in the future, but he should be proud that he was courageous enough to try.

Final thoughts

Under such circumstances, there are thoughts that may cross one’s mind. Who hates romantic men and gestures? Could it be that the guy jumped before the drum? Is it that the relationship was not as serious? Was the lady not serious, or was the man too serious? As much as you want a proposal to be a surprise, is there a way to tell if your partner is ready for it? Those are probably why most people want to do it the traditional way or any other way other than a proposal.

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