The Christian Ronaldo Return Impact on the Future of Paul Pogba

paul pogba and christian ronaldo

The two former Juventus players, Paul Pogba and Christian Ronaldo, now play on the same team but for how long? Paul Pogba’s contract with the Manchester United football club will expire in less than a year. If you are wondering the exact date, the contract will expire in 2020 on 30th June following his 5-year contract back in 2016.

Interestingly, the football player is yet to start negotiating a new deal. People believe that the reason behind it has something to do with the return of Christian Ronaldo to a greater extent. It turns out that it got Pogba thinking about extending his contract with the team instead of joining a new one.

One can understand where Pogba is coming from, given Manchester United’s reinforcement in recent times. In addition to the return of Christian Ronaldo, there is also the arrival of Raphael Varane and Jadon Sancho. It turns out that it is not just the fans’ hopes that have been uplifted following all that. Even the players are optimistic about the football club’s future, and Paul Pogba is one of them.

paul pogba and christian ronaldo
Paul Pogba and Christian Ronaldo


What if Paul Pogba Leaves Manchester United?

However, whether he stays or not, one must admit that the future of the 28-year-old football player is bright. For instance, teams are eagerly waiting to sign the midfielder when his deal with Manchester United ends, including Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid. So, if he leaves, good for the team that signs him, and if he stays, still good for Manchester United and its fans.

Whereas there is a high possibility of Pogba staying, the football club is prepared in the event that it doesn’t become a reality. The club is already looking for his replacements in case he leaves. On top of the list of Paul Pogba’s potential replacements is Declan Rice, who plays for the West Ham football club at the moment.

Paul Pogba’s New EPL Season Record so far

This new season, his track record has been impressive, no doubt. So far, the player has registered up to 7 assists within the four games that the team has played since the beginning of the new English Premier League season.

Will he break the record set by the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Thierry Henry? So far, they are leading in the number of assists recorded by a player within a single EPL season. Every season sees teams play up to 38 games. The two players are the record holders for recording up to 20 assists within a season. With Paul Pogba having recorded seven so far, one can say that he is on the right track without fear of contradiction.

Are the Manchester United fans ready for the exit of Paul Pogba?

Only time will tell, but it won’t come as a surprise if they aren’t. Paul Pogba has had a good time playing with Manchester United, and his pitching ability can’t be taken for granted. Do you remember the last time Florentin Pogba expressed his wish for Pogba to sign with Real Madrid? The football club’s fans couldn’t hide their anger after the remark.

Anyway, only time will tell when Paul Pogba stays or leaves Manchester United, and until then, the eventuality of the matter remains a mystery.

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