Why Prison Break TV Series is better than Money Heist

Why prison Break is Better than Money Heist

When Money Heist emerged, many people saw the need to compare it with Prison Break. For quite some time, people were more convinced that Money Heist took the lead. However, five seasons later, that seems to have changed. There are various reasons behind the change, and this piece tells it all. So, without further ado, let’s discuss some of the reasons that make Prison Break better than Money Heist.

1. The Villains of Prison Break are at another level

When the terms villain and prison break appear in the same sentence, the name that often crosses many people’s minds is T-bag. You will definitely love to hate the guy who portrays this character. That’s because, despite his bad side, the TV series also displays another side of the character that makes you like him regardless. The same case applies to other villains, including Agent Kellerman, Agent Mahone, and Brad Bellick. Unfortunately, that’s not something one can say about the villains in Money Heist. They are simply bad guys, and that’s just it.

2. No Extreme Twist of Characters

As Money Heist tries to tackle social issues, they often change a character too much and in an unreasonable way. For instance, the Denver character was for a long time portrayed as kind and gentle. All over a sudden, that changes to anger and violence, assassinating the character for no good reason. Again, Tokyo suddenly becomes a top-notch doctor, whereas Arturito exhibits toxic masculinity out of the blue. It felt as if they were trying to shove social issues down our throats to a great extent. The case is different when it comes to Prison Break since they choose not to dwell too much on it.

3. A Consistent Plot

Have you noticed how fast Money Heist abandons a certain storyline to move to a whole new plot? For instance, how does a blackout drunk Tokyo do everything she does after Nairobi is shot five minutes later? Those are things one can’t expect from a drunk person, from descending the stairs flawlessly despite carrying a big suitcase to operating Nairobi. As for Prison Break, everything seems thought off, and the writers hardly confuse the viewers with absurdity.

4. Money Heist Makes it Hard to Love its Characters

How do you fall in love with characters that their roles have dehumanized? No one seems principled enough, and they are always reactive. Do you remember what Palermo did for power? What about the assassination of the Denver character out of the blue. Tokyo is unlikable, and Monica is no longer likeable. Rio is no different, but the Nairobi character wasn’t as bad as the rest.

5. Failing in Prison Break isn’t an Option

With Money Heist, one can’t say that a successful robbery is a matter of death. However, that’s different in Prison Break since the life of Lincoln hangs on a thread. Michael is doing everything possible to save his brother, and that’s something most siblings are willing to do. Evidently, it becomes easy to relate to Prison Break than Money Heist

Why prison Break is Better than Money Heist
Prison break 


6. The Character of Scofield is Way Better than that of The Professor

Michael never involves bystanders, unlike Professor, who wanted to poison the mother of his girlfriend. The former is quite composed and is always on the inside. On the other hand, the Professor always seems like an outsider and easily beaten once in love. Michael Scofield always seems to be in control even when the situation gets sore, but that’s a character missing with the Professor.


From the above reasons, it is clear that Prison break is better than Money Heist. It doesn’t mean that it is a perfect TV series. However, its flaws aren’t as extensive as those seen in Money Heist.

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