King the Land, Is it Worth It?

King the Land

King the Land is among the best K drama in 2023. If you are a fan of the K-world, you have probably heard of the drama. The synopsis is the usual cold male lead and a smiley female lead. But, like all romcoms, it is taking the K-world by storm.

Here is an overview of everything to know about the drama.

King the Land, Plot Synopsis

It talks about the story of Gu Won (Lee Joon-Ho) and Cheon Sa-Rang (Lim Yoon-A). Gu Won is a charming man thrown into the inheritance battle of the King’s Group. He is the usual Kdrama male lead, an elegant, intelligent, good-looking, and charming young man. But, his experience with dating is inexistent.

Cheon Sa-Rang works in the King’s Group. She is a beautiful, charming, and hardworking woman. While working for the King’s Group, she encounters many problems but faces them head-on. The couple meets when working at the hotel, and their love story begins. They learn how to trust and support each other through everything.

So, if you are looking for a charming CEO and employee K-drama plot, King the Land is a top option in the K-drama list 2023.

King the Land, Is it Worth It?

Yes! It is worth it. The plot looks basic, but the love story is unique and captivating as you witness Gu Won and Sa-Rang fall in love with each other. Of course, there are other reasons why King the Land is a must-watch for Kdrama fans.

The drama is a RomCom

Romantic comedies in Kdrama are everything. You enjoy a light but refreshing love story with so much comedy. Plus, the handsome CEO and Employee storyline is a good sell point in kdramas and fans love it.

CP Fans of Girl’s Generation Yoon-A and 2 PM Joon-Ho

 It is not the first time the lead roles have worked together. The two are popular K-pop idols from major companies JYP and SM Entertainment. Many fans ship the two, so King the Land fulfills this fantasy. But whether Yoon-A and Joon-Ho are dating is a mystery in the K-world.

It is a drama by JTBC

This TV channel is among the best in South Korea. And from’s best K drama 2023, the channel has a few top dramas this year. King the Land airs Saturday and Sunday at 22:30, taking Dr. Cha’s spot. Like most JTBC kdrama series, the show is incredible.

The Rating So Far is Phenomenal

King the Land Continues to garner netizens’ attention. Its rating is great, and people are loving it.

King the Land is on Netflix

International K-drama fans can enjoy the show on Netflix. Plus, there are other channels like MyAsianTV, Dramacool, etc.

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