Does See You in My 19th Life K-drama has a Good Ending?

See You in My 19th Life

See You in My 19th Life K-drama has to be among the best Kdrama 2023. It is a mix of love, fantasy, and pain. The drama tells the story of Ban Ji-eum, who continues to reincarnate and remember all her life from 1000 years ago. Her 18th life is cut short, and she swears to meet her childhood love, Moon Seo-Ha. Eventually, the two meet in her 19th life, which our K-drama focuses on. We see the two lovers reconnect and eventually fall in love again.

Is there a Happy Ending in See You in My 19th Life K-drama?

Fortunately, Yes! See You in My 19th Life has a happy ending. Moon Seo-Ha and Ji-eum have their happy ending, which they missed in the 18th life.

Honestly, Ji-eum and Seo-ha’s story felt rushed. There was so much the production could have added instead of giving us an ambiguous ending. But, of course, we will assume that the couple finally got back together after all the hardship.

Meanwhile, at least we know that Do-hyun’s and Cho-won’s ending was happy. The show confirms the two getting back together. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see what kind of relationship they would have as a couple.

See You in My 19th Life Unanswered Questions

With the See You in My 19th Life show ending, there is so much kdrama fans want to know. Some feel that we were robbed of a few beautiful moments.

Is There a Love Triangle in See You In My 19th Life K-drama?

No! Even with the introduction of Min-Ki, the K-drama doesn’t have a love triangle. Instead, Min-Ki is an old enemy who is the reason for Ji-eum curse to remember her past lives. The two meet during their first life and Min-Ki role is to help Ji-eum untie the hatred knot from her first life.

Does Ji-Eum Become Normal?

Ji-eum can only become normal if she forgets everything about her past life. Initially, she fears losing everything after losing all the memories that help her reconnect with the people she loves, including Seo-Ha. However, the latter assures her that it is okay to be normal and he will pursue her again until she falls in love with him.

Seo-Ha, the biggest green flag in K-drama, even jokes that it will take at most a day for her to fall in love with him again.

So, Ji-eum decides to become normal again.

Does Ji-Eum Get Back Together With Seo-Ha After Losing Her Memory?

After Ji-eum loses her memory, Seo-Ha tries to reconnect with her.

However, the show has an ambiguous ending where the two stare at each other, with Ji-eum, wondering if the two have ever met before. But Seo-Ha shamelessly declares that the two are together. Unfortunately, after reconnecting, we don’t see their journey as a normal couple.

It is probably why kdrama fans feel that See You in My 19th Life K-drama should have had the regular episodes, 16 instead of 12.

But we all admit that Kdrama is worth binge-watching, especially for people who love fantasy and the modern world.

Will See You in My 19th Life K-drama Have a Season 2?

See You in My 19th Life is among the best kdramas in the 2023 kdrama list. The show performed so well on TV, and everyone is wondering whether we will get a second season.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any confirmations on getting a season 2. But I am sure most of you would be happy to see how Ji-eum and Seo-Ha’s relationship past all the drama. Plus, seeing how Do-Hyun and Cho-won are doing after everything would be great. will be sure to update you in case of news on Season 2. Leave a comment on your thoughts on the K-drama, See You in My 19th Life.

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