My Lovely Liar K-drama 2023, Everything You Need to Know

My Lovely Liar Kdrama

My Lovely Liar K-drama is upcoming in August 2023. The show has already garnered a huge fanbase even before its release. It is a series that blends mystery and romance. And as the name suggests, the female lead has a special ability to hear lies. If you are looking for something nice to watch on tvN after, See You in My 19th Life, My Lovely Liar is a great choice.

My Lovely Liar, Preview

The Korean drama tells the life of a woman who can barely maintain any relationship because of her special ability. Mok Sol-hee finds it hard to trust people due to her power to hear lies. It also means that it is easy for her to uncover the truth. The story focuses on Sol-hee’s life after an entanglement with Kim Do-Ha or K, a murder suspect. K is a popular producer in Korea who changes his name and hides after being entangled in a murder. Of course, no one believes in his innocence.

Another main star in the show is Lee Kang-Min, a detective who loves Sol-hee. Unfortunately, he is diagnosed with stomach cancer before his proposal to her. Lastly, we have Sha-On, a popular solo singer in Korea.

The show will start airing on 31st July and continue to air every Monday and Tuesday at 20:50 KST on tvN.

Where to Watch My Lovely Liar?

Netizens can watch the k-drama on tvN. As for international K-drama fans, the show will be available on Netflix.

Of course, there are other sites you can watch the K-drama, such as MyAsianTV, Dramacool, Kocawa TV, etc. They offer English subtitles, and the updates are fast and reliable.

Is My Lovely Liar Worth It?

Yes! If you are looking for a mysterious drama with romance, My Lovely Liar is a great choice. The show is set to unveil the murder and whether K is involved in them.

Plus, with Kdrama becoming darker or bitter-sweet over time, we will never know the main lead we will be getting. So, K-drama fans are set to watch this epic journey between our two main leads. Also, we can understand Lee Kang-min better and whether he is worthy of the female lead.

Is My Lovely Liar on Netflix?

Yes! My Lovely Liar is on Netflix for all international fans to watch.

How many Episodes are on My Lovely Liar?

The K-drama has 16 episodes like other regular K-drama series. K-drama fans are set to have two episodes of My Lovely Liar every week.

My Lovely Liar’s plot is beyond anything K-drama fans would have imagined. It is set to join the list of best Kdramas in 2023. Plus, we have Minhyun playing the role of K.

Why is My Lovely Liar Popular?

The K-drama gives the vibe of the popular show the flower of evil. Our main lead isn’t the typical male lead having the best days of his life. Instead, he is a murder suspect who no one believes in his innocence. He gets entangled with the female lead amidst all the drama.